Most believe that to idle is to let life pass unfulfillingly, that idleness is partaking in futile and repetitive activities that ultimately amount to nothing. Idleness is frowned upon, while white-collar employment is often lauded as the highest achievement of modern capitalist society. An individual's worth seems inherently tied to his/her employment status.


Good For Nothing is a pseudo-company in which the artist is self-employed, engaging in mundane and mindless tasks within a generic office environment.

This performance satirizes society's obsession with being productively occupied, pandering to the expectation that to be considered successful, one must be working regular hours in an office daily. Yet what does it mean to be productive? Is time considered well spent only when we are productive? Is mindless work productive, or simply another form of idleness?


Artist performed working at DECK from 1 to 18 June 2017 during the gallery's opening hours.

Performance documentation shot by Howly Pek